Can not buy Domain name

Hi. I have been having a problem buying a domain name. My domain name is available and everything, but whenever I want to verify the domain name, I get a error which says I have to contact customer support.

Hi @reza.hardan! Welcome to netlify community.

What was the domain you tried to purchase?

Hi @laura thanks for responding.
The Domain name is :
I did get like 6 receipts where it says that it’s payed, but now I hope that I did not buy it 6 times :sweat_smile: .

Hi @reza.hardan, sorry about that. It looks like there was an issue when you attempted to purchase your domain but we’ve since corrected the issue. Additionally, the refund is on the way for those multiple payments, which you should see reflect in your payment method.

That said, now that we’ve resolved the cause of the issue, you should be able to successfully purchase your domain now. Let me know if you have any other questions.