No deploy preview on MR that don't target master branch on github


I noticed that my MRs that don’t target the master branch of my repository are not automatically deployed and available for preview:

Note that once I created #13, the MR preview button where available on #12, however #12 target #13 link (the link available in #12 is https://deploy-preview-13– which is the same as #13)

Am I missing something in my configuration or is it a known limitation ?

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Welcome to our community site, @Nebulis. Deploy previews only occur for branches which are also enabled for building in Netlify.

This is found under Site > Settings > Build & deploy > Deploy contexts

Or the URL below (replacing “YOUR-SITE-SUBDOMAIN-HERE” with the actual subdomain for the site):

If you enable branch deploys either for all branches or branches you select, then MRs/PRs for those branches will trigger deploy previews in Netlify.

​Please let us know if there are other questions about this.

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