Netlify builds deploy preview against other base branch

We are using Netlify for development to quick tackle issues and using preview deploys per pull request to drive the development of our open source NFT marketplace platform KodaDot, which is super helpful and we are thankful for this service.

Hence, I’ve noticed, that Netlify creates deploy preview which is not needed and eats our precious build minutes.


Our main branch is called main against which are created deploy previews. Which works perfectly.
But, the situation is that our production deployment is called hyper-jpeg and pull request was opened merging main into hyper-jpeg. Not another way around.

I hope I’m just missing some setting in the dashboard that I can’t see and expecting advice on how to turn off these builds which aren’t against base main


Where it happening

Setup detail from Netlify


You can clearly see it builds Faster, Harder, Scooter by yangwao · Pull Request #2286 · kodadot/nft-gallery · GitHub and it’s merged into hyper-jpeg

Hey @yangwao,

Netlify will automatically build a deploy preview for your production as well as branch deploys. It’s either all or none, so there’s no way to disable that. However, if you include the text [skip ci] or [skip netlify] with those brackets anywhere in the commit message of the first push to your PR, Netlify will not build for that PR.