NextJS: Unexpected revalidation behaviour (v5 runtime)

Using Next@14.2.3 App Router with the v5.3.2 version of the Nextjs runtime I am seeing odd behaviour when revalidating.

Expected behaviour:

  • revalidating (by path or tag) should take effect consistently within a few seconds, e.g. the revalidated page should be rebuilt the next time it is requested.

Actual behaviour:

  • revalidating (by path or tag) sometimes takes effect within a few seconds
  • revalidating occasionally has no effect, and seemingly just stops working for the entire website
  • pages occasionally render an older version from before the previous revalidation!
  • revalidation sometimes starts to work again if site is left idle for a few minutes
  • pages occassionally ignore revalidation altogether and rebuild on every request

Minimum reproduction source code: GitHub - lance-h/netlify-next-isr-issues

Note that the minimum reproduction is using a single wildcard route, and we are using revalidatePath('/[[...segment]]', 'page') to invalidate all pages. We are static generating 3 pages (/one, /two, /three) during the initial build, and allowing dynamic pages to be built.


  • It doesn’t seem to make a difference if the website is the production branch or a deploy preview.
  • There are no errors in the function logs
  • Rebuilding the site doesn’t seem to fix the issue - it starts happening again pretty quickly

Steps to recreate:
I can’t reliably find a pattern to this, however the steps follow along the lines of:

  1. Request a page e.g.
  2. Call the revalidation endpoint to invalidate all of the pages on the site e.g.
  3. Re-request page from step 1, repeat a few times over the course of a minute or two
  4. Try requesting a different page, possibly one that hasn’t been generated before

@lance-h, this is being worked upon in the helpdesk. We’ll continue following there.

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