NextJS and unstable_revalidation(), does it work in Netlify?

Hi folks, for my website (and any other website on Netlify) I’m trying to implement the NextJS unstable_revalidation() feature. This means that I can use webhooks to trigger NextJs to update stale (static) content.

This seems to be working for single pages; when I create a new page in my Sanity back-end, it triggers a webhook, and voila, I can go to that page. The only thing that doesn’t get updated are my homepages. Not on a single site. So I was wondering, is there something going on there?

Is it not possible to trigger an unstable_revalidation(’/’) hook for the index.js, should I be using a different slug than ‘/’ or is this feature not supported fully (because Netlify is immutable or something)

Setting the ‘revalidate’ to 60 in getStaticProps still works fine for homepages, so technically this is not a big problem, but being able to update the entire website on demand, without a rebuild would be a dream come true.

We have not implemented that feature yet, as far as I know. I think your options are:

ISR: set the revalidation timeout after which the next request returns stale content && regenerates the page for the cache (this is getStaticProps pages).
SSR: re-run on every page load (this is what would be middleware on Vercel).

To regenerate something that uses neither ISR nor SSR on Netlify, requires a rebuild on our side today (or, requires code patterns that have the client fetch the data for you or something else like that)