NextJS rewrite returning 206

Hello everyone

I have a NextJS application hosted on Netlify, and part of the site rewrites to a Gatsby site maintained by a different team. When deployed, some of the pages being rewritten are returning a 206 status code and only part of the page is being downloaded/displayed causing a broken UX. There is also a content-range header being applied somewhere along the way which I think could be causing it, but not in our codebase.

Below is one of the netlify request IDs in question:

x-nf-request-id: 01GM982G22T1TE4P4TQWAT3C1K

I have another netlify request id:


Hey @sbennett,

Both the request IDs you’ve shared seem to be of an older deployment. Your current published deploy seems to work fine for the paths that were giving errors in the URLs you attempted on those deploys.

Has something changed between those deploys and the current published one?