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Nextjs revalidate and function invocations

As stated on netlify-plugin-nextjs/caveats.md at main · netlify/netlify-plugin-nextjs · GitHub Netlify is using SSR everytime a page will be visited to achive something which is similar to revalidation on Vercel. The side effect is, that on every request there will be a function invocation. So my question is: does Netlify punish customers for a lack of functionality and invoice every function invocation? If yes, this is a real BIG negative point for using Netlify instead of Vercel.

Thanks for clarifying.

Hi @patrick.schneider1,

This thread might help:

While I’m not the right person who could probably stay objective while comparing the two platforms (I’d most definitely favour Netlify), I still think that Netlify might have more set of features and services than Vercel has to offer. Yes, since NextJS and Vercel is a product from the same people, it does give Vercel an edge to serve NextJS websites, but Netlify does serve and perform well for a lot of other things and frameworks.

I don’t have any benchmarked information to prove it, and more importantly, it’s just what I feel. I haven’t used Vercel a lot, so my opinions might not be 100% accurate. But if you do feel it’s a limitation, do note that Netlify is constantly trying to improve and make stuff better for the users. A while back, SSR probably would not have been even possible, but now it at least is. Yes, it might not be the most ideal solution as compared to Vercel, but for many users, it gets the job done.

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