NextJS app and Netlify in production issue

I assumed this was a NextJS issue for ages but have since hosted on Vercel with no issues.

I have used NextJS and Netlify for most sites I make with no issue but my latest one is causing me a headache. I even recreate repo and rebuilt site from scratch and still got this issue.

It only happens in production and mainly in mobile devices but intermittently instead of my site loading I am presented with this:

The site is:

Any idea what is causing this?

Hi @rsheppard-dev , thanks for the post and welcome.
If you are using Next.js version 13.5.5, kindly downgrade to 13.5.4 to fix it.

Thanks Clarnx I’ll had to go back to 13.4.19 due to an issue with dynamic imports but so far it seems to work. Is this issue likely to be fixed soon with Next 14 just being released?

Hi @rsheppard-dev , glad to know the suggestions helped.

Yes it is likely to be fixed.
Usually when new versions of softwares released there are bugs.
So it is appropriate to wait for a few months before you upgrade so that bugs that are detected can be fixed until it is a bit stable.

You can also follow or post in the official GitHub issues page for help as well using the link below


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Sorry to reopen this but this still seems to be an issue I downgraded to 13.5.4 i’ve even tried downgrading to 13.3 and at first it seems to work but after a few visits I get the wall of jumbled text screen again. It doesn’t happen every time page loads but happens enough for it to be a problem.

Hi @rsheppard-dev , sorry your problem still persists.

As I stated earlier kindly also post in the official GitHub issues page for help as well using the link at Issues · vercel/next.js · GitHub

There could be so many reasons why you get a wall of jumbled text on screen.
I suggest you create a very minimal version of your site and deploy to see if the problem exits in order to narrow down the problem and then build your way up.


This is currently a known issue, which should be resolved with the upcming changes in a few weeks.

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I think I have a stable site now. I reverted to next 13.3 and also had a couple components exported as async functions but never awaited anything which seemed to be an issue.

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