Next.js 13.4 displays text instead of content due to improper handling of Vary header

My site name is

As of writing, I have had to downgrade to 13.2, so the issue is not visible on this site.

I’m using the new app router feature released in Next.js 13.

The issue observed is that, intermittently, I will get a response starting with text, such as:

1: ...

The issue is described here: Showing data dump in the type `text/x-component` on the UI · vercel/next.js · Discussion #48527 · GitHub
The suspects involve headers and caching.

When running the server in production mode locally, I do not experience this issue.

This is a known issue, so far no timeline to fix or no workarounds known.

Hey @hrishikesh
Are there any updates on this? One of my clients projects is not really working well because of that issue in Netlify. I don’t wish to migrate to Vercel but if that doesn’t get resolved soon I might have to.

Would be nice if you have any updates on timeline for fixing that.

No updates at the moment, @OFranke_limebit. In an optimistic scenario, we might be able to fix this in a release we’re planning in October, but it’s far from being considered official - it’s more in a PoC stage.