500 Server Error on Refresh

Hi I am able to load the Gallery page on a current site I’m building by clicking an internal link but if I type it in the url bar or reload page I get a 500 Server Error. I am not getting any more detailed information to work out what’s causing it.

This only happens on Netlify and I am using Next 13.4.19.

The page is https://lh-plumbing-and-heating.netlify.app/gallery

The detailed info is here: Function details | Functions | Logs | lh-plumbing-and-heating | Netlify

Very much likely related to some other Next.js 13 issues we’re seeing. Try downgrading to 13.3 or lower.

Thanks Hrishikesh,

I wasn’t able to easily go back any further as it was causing issues for other dependencies and would have to refactor quite a bit.

Good to know what issue is though. Hopefully sorted soon.

Client wanted to host with Netlify so downgraded and refactored and 13.3 seems to be stable.