Next Images not loading (404) in production

Sitename: livereachai
Next JS images stopped loading in production after the deploy preview 2 weeks ago but have been working for months prior to it. Images load in dev env but in production, I am seeing a 404 error for the resource in _next/static/media and none of the images are rendering.
Images are rendered using the next/image library and the paths have been verified in the /public/ folder

is there an issue with space (%20) in the image file names?
images are loaded with:

import AlarmsImg from '../../../public/assets/images/Alarms Check.jpg'
<Image src={AlarmsImg} height={225} width={388} className='rounded-md'/>

Hi @siddpatny,

Could you let us know on which page you’re seeing the issue with images not loading? We took a look at the homepage but didn’t see any missing images, or errors in the dev tools. Please provide the URL of a page that is missing images. Thanks!

The images started loading after i added this to my next.config

images: {
    unoptimized: true,

The previous 2 deploy previews have broken images

The previous 2 deploy previews of the app have broken images
LiveReach AI - Affordable AI Camera System - The NVR Re-Imagined (deploy-preview-10–

Are you still experiencing this problem?