Image is not loading in the deployed site

I’ve added images to my Next.js project, and they’re rendering fine on localhost. However, after deploying the project, the images are not showing up. I’ve double-checked the src links of the images, and they appear to be valid. I’m unsure what’s causing the issue with the deployment and where I might have made a mistake.

production link:

@Uditya69 Using what I presume is the logo on the top left as an example, the markup is:

<img alt="" loading="lazy" width="120" height="15" decoding="async" data-nimg="1" style="" srcset="/_next/image?;w=128&amp;q=75 1x, /_next/image?;w=256&amp;q=75 2x" src="/_next/image?;w=256&amp;q=75">

Visiting that src of:

Leads to something related:

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Gotcha! Issue resolved. Thanks for responding!