New tree views and configurable content views in Stackbit’s content editor

Stackbit offers an on-the-glass visual editor that simplifies website editing. In addition to this, we have recently made significant updates to our content editor based on valuable feedback from our customers. These updates aim to enhance the efficiency of editing structured pages and data objects, providing a more streamlined experience similar to traditional form-based editing in a CMS. Here’s what’s new in our content editor:

  • Content tree views. Tree views provide a controlled and hierarchical representation of your site’s content, organizing it by categories, URL paths, or whatever your team needs. This feature offers an intuitive way to navigate and manage your content, giving you a comprehensive view of your site’s structure within the content editor. Say goodbye to complex content organization and experience the convenience of tree views in the content editor.
  • Configurable content views. This feature allows you to easily customize views for different types of content, such as products and blog posts. For instance, if you’re editing a product catalog, you can set up a view that displays the product title, SKU, price, and category. On the other hand, if you’re a marketer working on blog posts, you can have a view that includes the title, description, image, category, and slug. With configurable content views, you have the flexibility to tailor your editing experience to suit your specific needs.

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