New to Netlify, Need help in my project

I want build ecommerce like website but it’s more like inventory type.
I don’t need any payment gateways or cart functionalities.
From where i can start learning or building ?

Is it necessary to learn node.js and javascript to use netlify?

Not necessarily - many people use html and css based sites that don’t use javascript or use it only minimally.

If you do use a static site generator like gatsby, hugo, or others, there are also ecommerce plugins that you can use - i can’t recommend any specifically as I have’t used them, but they do exist.

If you are trying to take things a step further and really build a custom app or a website, you will need to learn programming or work with someone who does, though.

I thought Strapi and Next.js pair will be awesome for me.
But i failed to install them.
I installed node.js.
I know tutorials are available.
But i can’t understand npm commands.
I learned basic CLI commands.
And then also i can’t understand and follow tutorials.
Then i tried eleventy + Netlify CMS and Gatsby + Netlify CMS.
Because they were available to deploy with single click.
But i was unable to customise them. Like i can’t change logo and other similiar things.

hi @Zeki_Xerxes! It seems like you need some assistance a bit beyond what we can provide here in the support forum - I think that finding some tutorials and getting familiar with npm is a good start, before you start trying to deploy projects on to netlify.

You might check out this tutorial from swyx on getting started with netlify:

I am also new here. First I don’t know how to post, then I find your post. I am also need some guidance. I want to build webpage like this which is related to decaf coffee recipe. If I build like same as it, is there any issue or not. Kindly guide me too.