Netlify noob, where is best point to start learn

hi don’t know or is good idea create this topic, hope netlify admins leaves this post. so I know some programming but here is something different, actually found netlify a week ago done some research about it seems powerful tool to create sites, but is aproblem. here is a lot of functions and commands everything is so confusing even don’t know where is the best point to start learn about netlify. any help appreciate.

What do you want to achieve? What problem do you want to solve?

I find that if I ask ‘how do I learn X’ then I don’t get very far (unless there’s a book or course to follow). But if I ask ‘how do I learn X to solve Y’ then I at least have something to get started with.

Hi @westbound - glad you found us and I’m glad you are excited about trying Netlify! :muscle:

First and foremost I agree with @funkydan2 - its best to break learning things down into smaller pieces and tackle them step by step, and outlining what you want to accomplish helps you do that.

Without knowing what your experience background is, its hard to give you a concrete place to start. Maybe you can tell us a little bit more about what you already know how to do? Have you used the command line before, done any HTML&CSS? Have you tried using git and pushing a project to a repo stored on GitHub?

If the answer to those questions is “yes” then you know all the basic things you would need to know in order to build a simple site (lets say, with an index.html, some sub pages, maybe some images. You don’t even need to use JavaScript) and deploy it to Netlify. Netlify is very powerful and can do a ton for you, but for a simple static site all you really need to know is how to connect the Netlify UI to your repository. All the more complicated stuff (forms, webhooks, identity, functions) comes later.

Give me more information about what you are trying to do or learn and we’ll point you to some resources that might help!

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