New domain: custom_domain is owned by another account


Custom domain:

I’m in the process of deploying a site for a client. Last step is to add their external custom domain. I was going to verify the domain in netlify before adding the CNAME and A record to reduce downtime. When I go to verify the domain, I get the following error:

custom_domain is owned by another account

My client says that they haven’t used Netlify with this domain before. I’m going to add a “verified-for-netlify” txt record, and will reply to this post when that has been done. Please can the domain be verified manually?


I’ve added the verification txt record

Hey there, @d-pcy :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! We have freed up this domain and you should now be able to use it. Let me know if you have any further questions.

It let me add the domain today. Thank you!