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Your website’s homepage @ shows Login/Signup even when a user is currently signed in, isn’t it better to check if a user is authenticated and display the correct state? This is my first foray into open source. I just think it is better to display based on the authentication state.

Hey @abeydev!
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And great feedback! Since the main website ( and the Netlify Dashboard / interface ( are actually fully separate websites and have separate subdomains, the “logged-in-ness” of a user on is somewhat unknown on If you click Login or Sign up, both redirect to the site! Now, a fair question would be, if you’re already logged in on and hit the “sign up” page, should it redirect you to your dashboard since you’re already signed in? Or are we thinking that someone else is on your computer / browser and looking to sign up for a new account?

I think the other factor in play too is that the main website ( is fully static and I don’t think there’s any user-auth javascript running on the pages. It just helps things stay fast and snappy! :slight_smile:

I hope that answers / speaks to your idea! I think it’s a great note and good to be aware of, and does lead to some good questions! Hopefully that gives you a bit more context


Thank you for explaining it to me.