Netlify triggers build on any Bitbucket pull request edit

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It’s more with triggering the build.

I’ve recently noticed that any change to a pull request in Bitbucket seems to trigger builds in Netlify. This includes non-code changes, such as edits to the PR description.

I’m not using webhooks directly.

I’m using a custom ignore script (which does at least cancel the build, but it needs to instantiate the build container to get this far).

Is this a bug, or a feature that can be switched off?

Although it’s not a critical issue, the build queue quickly gets stacked up with builds from a monorepo when making simple text edits and causes unnecessary waiting for anyone else making actual changes.

I’m not aware of any scenario (for any site) where the description of the PR in Bitbucket (as opposed to code) would actually affect the build output.

Hi, @robations. This detail is technically incorrect (if one is being pedantic about it):

I’m not using webhooks directly.

All builds at Netlify from repositories hosted at Bitbucket are triggered by webhooks configured at Bitbucket. This means webhooks are definitely being used here.

The solution will be to go into the Bitbucket configuration for that webhook to change when it is triggered. If there are other questions about this, please let us know.