Netlify script seems to be affecting performance

Hi, This is my first time building a static site using Gatsby / Contentful.
I’m getting a couple of scripts that are really affecting the performance.
A Netlify script and a Akamai script. Not sure where these are coming from, are they needed and how to optimise better?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Since you host your site on netlify, any file you deploy on your site will come from netlify. Can you be more specific about which script you think is slowing down your site?

Regarding Akamai, since it is a completely different service and not related to netlify, I don’t have any advice or insight on that.

The Akamai script seems to be due to the video on your page. What am I missing?

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Thanks Gregraven, figured it out and removed the video now. Thanks

glad you figured it out, @benny! thanks for the help @gregraven!