Netlify rewrite with status 200

So have deployed a domain // and also an alias //
currently, the content for // is available at // but one of my clients wants to render on .fi/ instead of .fi/fi/*

I have updated my redirect file to follow: 200

so the URL will remain same //.fi but under the hood, content is served from .fi/fi, but according to docs, the link should not exist, otherwise it will not redirect except if u changed the status code to 200!, but it will change the URL as well from .fi/* to /fi/fi*.

I am looking for something to remain the URL constant and under the hood, it served different URLs , even the links exist.

Hey! I’ve navigated to and it appears to be serving content similar to the .co site. I presume you have this working now?

Alternatively, why not configure your base directory to be / and not /fi?

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