Loading a specific page for a subdomain without changing the URL

Dear Netlify community,

Let’s assume I have the following config:

from = “https://jobs.example.de
to = “https://example.de/jobs
status = 200

It redirects the user properly to the https://example.de/jobs. The question I had is whether it is possible to keep the original URL but load content from the https://example.de/jobs page? I tried various ways, but the netlify server keeps responding with 301 HTTP status instead of 200.


Hi, @simon2k, and welcome to the Netlify community site. :slight_smile:

The rule above should proxy the URL and show the different site without updating the URL. (I understand you say that isn’t what happens though.)

Why isn’t it happening? There are a couple of possibilities:

  • The rule isn’t a force = true rule so if there is content at URL for the original site, it won’t proxy to the new site.
  • The proxy is happening but the new site issues the 301 redirect which Netlify happily forwards to the browser which changes the URL in the address bar.

In order to know which it is though, we’ll need to test the real URLs. Would you please send us the URL which exhibits this behavior?