Mapping site content to a domain alias


Currently my domain alias simply point to my primary domain.
The primary domain is
The alias domain is

I’m trying to map content to a specific domain alias.
I’d like anyone accessing a specific part of my site to have the URL specified in their browser.

For example, I had though that _redirects would work like this:
/meetings 301!
/tenerife 301!
/* /index.html 200

Any help would be appreciated.

@LShiznit Did you deploy the _redirects file as you’ve written?

If both sites “are the same site” then you will want to specify the “from” paths with the domain as per:

Yes I did.

Yes but this does not serve from a specified URL, it simply redirects.

That’s as defined, you’ve specified 301.

If you’re trying to rewrite/proxy then you want 200.

See the HTTP status codes here:

Thanks Nathan.
I’ve also tried rewriting with 200 but the domain shows an error.
I think it had to do same-origin policy and that I will have to set up a proxy for what I want.

This is incorrect. You do not need a proxy.

If you wish to have a path on the primary domain (e.g. redirect to the alias domain (e.g. then you need to specify this in the redirect e.g. 301!

/meetings currently displays a blank page. What status code are you currently using, 200 or 301? As above, if this should act on a specific domain then specify it in the redirect.

Does the deploy log show all redirects were processed? If you download the deploy, does the _redirects file look as you expect or is it different?


Thanks for catching this. Just fixed it.

Yes, but this is not the issue. I’m trying to write to an alias domain.
So that /madrid is served from and NA Madrid | The Journey Continues Group redirects to (this last I would know how to do with 301!)

Yes with zero errors.

Currently and (regardless of path) are redirecting to

Partially correct. redirects to* rediredct to

I’ve done this for the mean time until I figure out how to get to serve /madrid.

You can’t have content from a sub-path (like /madrid) served at the domain root when the domain is assigned to the project. In order to serve a sub-path at the root of another domain that domain needs attaching to a separate site. Then you proxy to as explained in the Proxy to another Netlify site documentation.