Netlify nameserver dns resolving issues

Hi, I have the site The domain is currently on squarespace with netlify nameservers. I am having issues with some dns lookups failing and not really sure why. I thought it was just taking a while to propagate, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I would like to emphasize that it is only some issues. I have had emails go through fine, and am able to get correct lookups from some dns nameservers.

The error you’re seeing “Primary Name Server Not Listed at Parent” occurs when your primary name server is not in the list of name servers you provided to the registrar. It looks like there’s an old nameserver record still attached to the domain I’d recommend clicking that “More info” option to see how you can resolve this with your registrar.

So I never could get this to work using netlify dns. It seems that squarespace and netlify both use nsone (the exact same set of four nameservers) and that was somehow causing issues where both squarespace and netlify both thought that they were in control of the nameservers. I am not really sure what the correct thing to do here was, but ultimately I ended up switching to cloudflare external nameservers, because somehow even switching back to squarespace after deleting the zone on netlify didn’t work either.

It is possible that I was doing something wrong, but it feels like this is a bug with nsone or something.

If you are using a DNS service backed by NS1, that service must be completely disabled before you create a new DNS zone with a different service also using NS1. If you do not do so, a zone collision occurs and one of the zones will not work. This is what happened here.

I understand this, but with nsone nameservers set as custom nameservers in squarespace, squarespace is convinced that it is supposed to manage a dns zone. (you can try this yourself, if you get a domain in squarespace and set that you are using nsone custom nameservers in and them come back, you will find that squarespace has you back on their dns zone for your domain showing that they are managing it)

I do not quite understand how dns services interact with nameserver providers entirely, but it seems this question should have been raised with squarespace, so my apologies for raising it here. I appreciate your time.