Netlify instance url works, purchased domain does not

To be clear, I mean:

Netlify instance:
Purchased domain: now hosts

The issue is, myapp /home.html is different than wizardly-williams / home.html. They have the same code but myapp / home.html doesn’t access the database and the old link does.

Is this related to domain transfer or do I need to look through all my code again?


hi there, welcome.

this domain seems to be incorrect:

can you confirm the correct domains please? Is the actual domain you own? thanks.

Hi, I didn’t know I should be specific. I was being vague.
My actual netlify instance is wizardly-williams-db52e9.

The actual purchased domain is

hey there, yes we do need the actual domains so we can best offer support :slight_smile:

I pulled up both sites and they look identical at first glance - can you explain a bit more what you mean by “access the database”?

As the site is clearly loading under the domain name, that can’t be an issue - we’d see different behaviour if that was the case. Can you explain a bit more what you think the problem is?

I fixed it, it was a JS problem on a different page of the site.

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