Netlify init will not authorize Github


I’m attaching a screenshot. I am trying to deploy a nextjs site via the netlify CLI. And I’m trying to use netlify init to authorize Github. But it will not allow me to do so via the errros it is giving me.

I do not have the site deployed yet so I don’t have a site name.

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There should be a selection where it says enter your GitHub credentials manually, try using the SSO option if there is one.

Okay, what is SSO? Also, I do use the manual option to enter my credentials . Thanks.

Okay, for some reason it authorized this time to gitHub. However, my build still failed. What should my publish build settings be? Nest Build as well? I followed this guide here:

My build failed… and I belive you should be able to see my logs I authorized you too.

Can you link to your logs, I don’t see a Site name anywhere on this thread.

If you have a Git Repo would be helpful as well.


it would not let me post my git link.

that’s strange try again… I’ll check out your repo in the morning :slightly_smiling_face:

Github: It says I can’t post a link that host again. so I split the link up !
https://github .com/ brianboros7/brian-boros-nextjs

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hey there brian, any progress with this at all ? :thinking: