Cannot authorize netlify cli to github when using gitpod

I am using gitpod (terminal and IDE in the browser) and trying to configure a site with netlify init.

The first part (netlify login) i am able to do with the browser redirect auth (it pops open a new tab for me to authorize the CLI to my netlify login and when that completes the step works)

however, during netlify init there is a step where it needs to authorize the CLI to github (to configure the deploy and hooks) and if i say “authorize with github through” it properly opens up the URL for me to auth; but after i pick “github” it then redirects to “localhost:3000” which of course fails

I don’t know why the post redirect works on the auth to netlify, but the auth to github (for the deploy hooks) is using a different postback? Any suggestions?

When using CLI in a non-interactive environment, the one that you’re using, you should be supplying the auth token yourself: Netlify CLI deploy command

gitpod IS an interactive environment - it’s a web browser based IDE and terminal

The logging in on Netlify doesn’t return to a different callback. It uses HTTP polling to see if you’ve authenticated. The relevant code is here: cli/src/utils/command-helpers.ts at main · netlify/cli ( and build/packages/js-client/src/index.ts at db2b375439203dc1c7ec1e68b24b8460c8f0ffc3 · netlify/build (

The GitHub login on the other hand needs to redirect to localhost, which is not supported on Gitpod.