Netlify GitHub App permission updates with collaborative Deploy Previews

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share an update about disabling our new collaboration feature for Deploy Previews. We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear. On launch day as soon as the first person asked how to disable it, we knew we had to accelerate our existing plans for enabling configuration.

Before launching, we did extensive research, tests, and welcomed a group of customers to try it out early. We also relied on the fact that Netlify provides you with more than Deploy Previews. With an immutable commit permalink you get a snapshot URL where you can run performance tests without any Netlify scripts in the way. In addition, if you want to always reference the head of the branch, we provide a Branch Deploy without any scripts too. If the Drawer is obstructing a UI element, you can drag it out of the way. All three deploys plus the ability to drag it, I thought, would serve current needs.

I was wrong. We’ve been working on allowing customers to disable this feature and it will be live very soon. It’s not only about what you can do today and alternative ways to accomplish the same thing. It’s about principle. Although we’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of positive feedback and how much our customers are loving it, we understand it’s not for everyone and that the existing options aren’t enough.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. We rely on your feedback to make our product better so keep it coming! We always want to be responsive to constructive feedback.


I’m having the opposite issue whereby after re-approving the app on Github it won’t show the draw icon. I saw a post that the CSR needed to be updated which didn’t make sense because there were not CSR errors.

Anything else needed?

Hi there, @Javery :wave:

Thanks for reaching out. Can you share a bit more about the steps you followed to encounter this error, as well as your site name?