Netlify Forms with Next.JS not detected

Hello guys,
I have a subscribing newsletter forms inside a component that called in a page.
I’ve done adding this attribute on my form data-netlify="true" also add a hidden input with name="form-name" for my form name. Here’s my web link , previously I tried to post the form data using ajax and the form was not detected too, so i’ll need to make sure the form were detected first then will start using ajax for submitting the form once the form already detected. Here’s the HTML looks like when i inspect it

Would be great if anyone can help to solved my problem, Thanks in advance!

Hello @randidev , thanks for posting.

What do you mean when you say your form is not detected?
I’m asking the question above because I visited your link and the form is displayed on the website.

I believe they mean, Netlify-specific Forms are not detected by our systems.


Have you checked:

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Hi @hrishikesh,
Yes, on my case my subscribe newsletter form are not showing on the netlify dashboard (Netlify App) . If you see on my attachment/screenshot, you’ll see that I already add the attributes with the input hidden also for the form name. On this article Forms setup | Netlify Docs, I’m a bit confused about the #1 especially with “Create a hidden HTML form”, can you help to explain a bit about hidden HTML form? I mean, do i need to hide the form or something?

The usual meaning is “if your framework does not generate plain-html output containing your <form ...> definition including the form-name option, you will need to create your own html copy of the form, which you manually keep in sync with the dynamic definition that renders on your site.” You need to deploy that file with your site, but you need not link to it or have visitors use it; it just needs to be an .html file in your deploy (and then the form will show up in your dashboard, and you can proceed down the troubleshooting checklist that Hrishikesh linked :)). This will allow our system to detect it and process submissions for it.

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Ahh I see… it’s working now. Seems I have create 2 form then which is the .html file only for letting Netlify detected my form and another one which is the actual form to interact. Thanks guys!

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