Netlify Forms - connected everything, but cannot send email on a page

I enabled the forms on my account, added attributes to form tag, checked unique name’s for each input. I can see my form detected by Netlify on my Account but when I try to fill out a form on landing page, I get error status all the time. And I have 0 submissions on netlify account.
Link to page:

Do I need to set up custom domain to let this feature work properly?

I’ve exported the code for Webflow.

Hi @ambasada.jezykow,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

Thanks for reaching out!

We have a Support Guide on common form issues to help with troubleshooting:

Could you review the guide to see if that helps with resolving the issue?

If you’re still having issues, could you clarify what error status are you seeing? Do you see the error in the dev console?

I went through this guide before I wrote on the Forum:)

As I wrote before, there is this form on my account in netlify under section: active forms, which I guess mean that I did the connection properly. But when I fill out this form on the landing page and I press submit buton - I get error message that Ops, something went wrong. try again.
This is the error message that is created in Webflow site builder - native source of code.

Hi @ambasada.jezykow,

Testing out the form, I’m only seeing the error on the website and looking in the dev console, I’m not seeing any activity (such as a POST) after filling out the form and submitting.

Could you review this section of the Support Guide:

thanks for the answer.
I actually deleted the form from Webflow builder (they have some js running in the background) and I put a form in html by myself. It works perfectly fine.

So the problem was in Webflow, not the Netlify solution.

Hi @ambasada.jezykow,

Thanks for the follow-up and letting us know how you resolved the issue. I hope you have a great day!