Netlify Firewall Traffic Rules

Web applications and websites are common targets of malicious attacks. Firewall functionality, including blocking and allowing requests from specific IP addresses and geographic locations, is a powerful industry-standard zero trust method to help ensure only the appropriate visitors can access your web properties.

Today, we are excited to announce the release of Netlify Firewall Traffic Rules. This new feature empowers Enterprise customers with Netlify High-Performance Edge to proactively control who can access their Netlify web properties based on the geographic location and IP address of the requestor, in real-time, to align with your business and security policy requirements.

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Quick update on this feature: We now support subregion granularity in our geographic restrictions.

This provides the ability to block traffic from subregions from around the world. Customers can block traffic from whole countries, or from specific areas of a geographic region.

More information on this functionality can be found in our docs.