Netlify dns not working


I transferred my domain ( to be managed within Netlify (nameservers are pointing to the Netlify ones).
After about 48 hours, it’s still not working.
I tried removing the dns zone and re-adding the domain to no effect.

Any suggestions on what I could try next?

Thanks in advance.

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hey there, could you pop a screenshot of your dns settings please?

I’ve also added a cname & alias before but that didn’t help either

Hey Yentl,
I looked into this a bit today and don’t have the solution, but can show you lots of DNS errors here:

What I think might be happening is that your registrar uses NS1 for DNS. NS1 is also our DNS partner, and I’m guessing something is getting tangled during the nameserver delegation since we both use NS1.

If you’re open to keeping DNS at your registrar, we would expect that to work well- you would do the following for that:

  1. delete the DNS zone on the Netlify side
  2. create an A record at your registrar pointing your bare domain to our load balancer,
  3. create a CNAME at your registrar pointing any subdomains to your Netlify URL

But I’ll also leave this open for one of my colleagues to take a look at when they’re back in the (virtual) office next week in case there might be a way to get Netlify DNS working for you.

Hey Jen

Thanks for your explanation. I tried with the A and CNAME records and got some result.
However I’m now facing certificate issues.

I first had

Then added a CAA record

I tried renewing the certificate

It’s working now :-),
I’m wondering if it’s possible to use netlify dns at some point though?

Hi, @yverhelst, I do see DNSSEC enabled for this domain:

$ whois | grep "DNSSEC"
DNSSEC:      yes

The only solutions for that issue are to either a) disable DNSSEC for the domain or b) do not use Netlify DNS.

These are the only two solutions for DNSSEC issues with Netlify DNS at this time. If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

Finally was abled to disable dnssec and got it working.
Thanks for all the help.

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