Netlify Dev not killing processes

I am getting unusual behavior lately with Netlify Dev since last updating. Sometimes, I switch which site I am working on but still see the homepage of the old site. Weirdly it seems as though both sites are still running as I can access sub-pages of both, but where they overlap it shows the old one. And now it shows data from a prior running version mixed in with the current version. This only happens when I run netlify dev and does not happen if I just use hugo serve.

It appears this is related to some processes not being terminated properly as I see this error frequently in the console: Error while killing child process: kill EPERM

This can even result in being able to browse the site when I have terminated netlify dev entirely.

Running on MacOS Catalina.

As a follow up, it seems that killing the original process running on port 1313 seems to do the trick but something odd is going on.

lsof -ti:1313 | xargs kill

heya @remotesynth - would you mind filing a bug with these details here? Then our dev team who is most familiar with the CLI will see it and be able to guide you:

Thanks so much for your help!