Netlify Dev and Middleman

Hi there! Anyone knows how to pass the “–live” option in the to Netlify Dev when using middleman as the site generator?
this is my config file:
command = “bundle exec middleman” # Command to start your dev server
port = 4567 # Port that the dev server will be listening on
publish = “build” # If you use a _redirect file, provide the path to your static content folder’

but when I run ‘netlify dev --live’ the option is passed to middleman and not to netlify dev.
What am I getting wrong?


i dont understand this bug at all tbh. it shouldnt happen, i dont think. if you’re familiar with oclif, youre welcome to check out the source:

however i’m not at all familiar with middleman and the ruby ecosystem so i’m gonna need some help here.

EDIT: ahh - one clue is we have no detector for middleman: so you’re just running the simple static server. therefore --live is being passed to your command, which is middleman. we should probably… not do that

Would love a detector for middleman, more than willing to invest some time in testing etc if that’s needed.

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the jekyll one is here -