Netlify dev --live "You can now view..." overwrites link to netlify server

When I run the “netlify dev --live” command, the output is written to my Linux terminal. This includes the commands being executed and their results (e.g. success). It also includes the link to the “live” server needed to click on to run it from the Netlify servers. In my local terminal the link is displayed then immediately overwritten by the “You can now view my-app in the browser.” line. I suspect this is a result of how the terminal his handling certain characters being written. Can you help? I’ve copied a section of the output below. The link should appear above the localhost:8000 line.

⠇ Building development bundle
3 pages In Progress my-app


You can now view my-app in the browser.


I was able to use this work-around to get the link:
netlify dev --live | grep -i netlify

But this is just a work-around…

Drat, that does sound rather suboptimal. Mind filing a bug here?

I have submitted the issue

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