Netlify deployment failing due to Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial pick

I have a repository where the Netlify deployment is consistently failing, e.g.
ENH: Set up correctly branches filter in build, test GHA workflow file by jhlegarreta · Pull Request #242 · carpentries-incubator/SDC-BIDS-dMRI · GitHub

It seems to be failing because it’s picking Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial:
Netlify App

Please read! End of support for Xenial build image: Everything you need to know

I have checked that the default Ubuntu in the project’s Netlify configuration is 18.04.

So what is missing here?

The link above shows two different sites deploys:

The first site above has been deleted but I do see that deploy used Xenial.

The other site above is using Focal and the build is failing because the version of Python being selected is not available.

Sorry for the late reply.

Yes, the first team has been discontinued

Can newer Python versions be used? Can newer Ubuntu image (22.04)?

Check: Manage build dependencies | Netlify Docs

Not yet. We don’t have any immediate plans to update the build image to 22.04 last I checked.