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Netlify CMS config.yml Not Found

I’m trying to get Netlify CMS working with an Angular app built with Scully. I have a /admin route that loads the script for the Identity, as noted in the instructions for manually setting up Netlify CMS. I have the config.yml file in there as well. However, when I go to the /admin route, I get a 404 error saying it can’t get the config.yml file.

If I type /admin/config.yml in the URL, I get the config (it downloads it), so I’m a little confused as to why the error is showing up.

The URL to my site is scully-netlify-demo.netlify.app/, and there’s a small Admin link at the top.

Currently, Scully builds the site and then all Angular code is stripped with the scully-plugin-disable-angular plugin. So it’s a truly static site. But this same exact result occurred before I stripped the Angular out of the application. In both situations, /admin/config.yml downloads the config file, so I know it’s there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

For some reason, your config.yml file is being searched for at https://scully-netlify-demo.netlify.app/config.yml and not https://scully-netlify-demo.netlify.app/admin/config.yml. If you move the file there, or specifically mention the address using <link href=/admin/config.yml type=text/yaml rel=cms-config-url> in your <head>, it should work.

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Oh I see. Perfect, I’ll try that. Thanks!

Any ideas why the top part of the Blog Post edit page is cut off? I don’t have any custom CSS added to the Angular/Scully app yet, it just is cut off.

I don’t really have an idea. Maybe you can try and check using the Developer Tools if it’s some CSS libraries or something applying some styles to that part.

So the admin page does load, but there’s still this error on the page too. Any ideas why it loads the admin interface and shows the error?

I am guessing.

The problem might be because you’ve moved your config to the website’s root and the CMS is probably still looking for it at the ./admin/ folder. Would you try <link href=/config.yml type=text/yaml rel=cms-config-url> to the <head>.

Also, another possible cause might be that, you’re using <base href="/"> tag in your <head>. Maybe removing that would solve it?

The Angular app needs the base href set, and adding the link didn’t help. Thanks for the suggestions though.

Just to be clear, this site has been marked as resolved. Is this issue still occuring?

The initial issue of not being able to find the config file at all is resolved, but then it started showing the error and loading the Admin page…so I’m not sure why it’s doing both things.

That is some strange behaviour… have you submitted an issue on the CMS repo?

I have not, but I will do that tonight. :+1:t4:

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