Netlify Branch Deploy & Scully

I really want to move my site over from Jekyll to Scully, and I have everything pretty much set up, but am having a small issue. I have my existing site deploying the Scully branch so that I can preview it, but there are issues. One is that if I disable JS on that preview site, none of the pages load except the homepage. Related, I believe, is that if I go to a subpage with JavaScript enabled and refresh the site then it reloads with no styles.

To see if I could tell what was going on, I deployed that branch as a new site entirely in Netlify. The new site completely works as expected. All pages load, with and without JavaScript enabled. Both instances are the exact same code; one is just a branch preview on Netlify and the other is a separate Netlify site.

I am wondering if there is something different about branch deploy preview sites in Netlify than actual main deploy sites and if that could be my issue? I’m hesitant to release the new site before knowing that things will work as expected.

Existing Site, Scully branch preview:
New Site, that deploys same scully branch:

The branch deploy seems to have asset optimization turned on while the new website doesn’t. Sync the settings in both and check if it’s producing the same results.

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Thanks a ton for that suggestion, I never would have thought of that. It seems to have done the trick!

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