Netlify CMS - Access denied

Recently started adding Netlify CMS to my site, but having some issues with auth.

The github repo itself is personal private repo which only I have access to.

My config.yml has

  name: git-gateway

I have added GitHub as an external privder in the identity settings, I have then created a Personal Access Token for my github account and pasted the token into the ‘GitHub API Access token’ part of Git Gateway on Netlify.

When I access my app with /admin/ I click to login with github, and then the URL turns to /admin/#/error=access_denied&error_description=Signups+not+allowed+for+this+instance

I have the site set to Invite Only as I do not want anyone else other than myself to login, is that causing conflicting issues?

Have you created your account on your Identity instance before doing that? If not, you’d either have to invite yourself or make registration open, register and then set it to invite only. That’s my guess.