Netlify-cli fails to deploy with JSONHTTPError: Internal Server Error

I’m trying to deploy a quite large static website (~700k files, 3GB in total) with the CLI and it constantly fails with “JSONHTTPError: Internal Server Error”.

If this comes from size limitation, how can I deploy such a website?


FWIW, I have tried several times and, although the end result is always “Internal Server Error”, the JSON details vary a bit. In some cases I get “Document exceeds allowed max BSON size. The max is 16777216.”.

In this website, two files are indeed larger than 16MB.

hi @Lionel, sorry to be slow to get back to you!

Can you take a look at the issues filed here:

and if nothing matches what you are seeing, could you file a new issue please? That is the best way to get that specific team to investigate. many thanks!