Can I overcome the Heap limit allocation?

I tried to deploy my site but it had 3 files with a lot of json data in them and I receieved the FATAL ERROR: Reached heap limit Allocation failed - JavaScript heap out of memory

I want to know what plan can I subscribe to that would enable the successful deployment of my site

Hi, can you share your site info

Please let me know precisely what information you need.

But the Json file has more than 1million lines of code
It wasnt until I removed the json file before the site deployed successfully

Its a Next Js site

The error you’re encountering is likely due to the size of the files you’re trying to deploy. Netlify has certain limitations when it comes to file sizes. For instance, files over 10 MB in size are not well-supported by Netlify’s CDN. Please reference Build troubleshooting tips | Netlify Docs and your build may fail to upload to the system, causing your entire deploy to fail.

Here is some documentation about this:

Additionally, during deployment, each unzipped function bundle is limited to 250 MB in size. Some functions may exceed that limit and throw an error.

Upgrading your plan MAY not necessarily resolve this issue as these are technical limitations. Instead, you should consider hosting large content elsewhere or reducing the size of your files.

If you’re using a large number of HTML files, be aware that this can lead to long processing times. While this shouldn’t cause the deploy to fail, even a “quick” manual deploy can take quite awhile to finish if you have tens of thousands of files.

I believe that explains it
One of the files is about 30mb in size
I might need to separate them into smaller chunks or just host it somewhere else

What do you mean by this:

Could you please share your site so we can see the issue? Where is it happening? During the build, during serving, or something else?

yes it happens during building

Looking at the latest deploys for that site, this appears to be resolved. Do you still need help?