Netlify changes my code

Hello, my site is available at
Here is my problem, when hovering over elements a JavaScript function is supposed to fire. However, I noticed, when looking at the code of my site published with the Chrome code inspector, that Netlify had modified my code.
To make this clearer, here is an example line of code uploaded to Netlify:

Here, therefore, there is an issue with the quotes which prevent the proper detection of the JS function and therefore results in an error when hovering over the element.

This problem appears in several places on my site: in the navbar at the top of the site, in the links redirecting to other pages of the site on the home page, on the links redirecting to other pages of the site in the footer.

I know I could modify the code to trigger what the JS hover function does in the CSS, but more importantly I want to understand why Netlify is modifying my code and if there is a way to prevent this.

If you want to access the source code of the site, it is available here: GitHub - CHALENCON-Yoan/site: Site Internet de CHALENCON Yoan.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Finally, I made the decision to modify my code so that the problem would go away. However, I’m still interested in an explanation of my problem!

Pretty URLs might be causing an issue for you: Build & deploy | Site configuration | chalenconyoan | Netlify. Try disabling that.