Netlifian—a new term?

Hello Netlifians!

I believe I may have made up this term Netlifian today (I cannot find previous usage.) The thought was a term like New Yorker, Londoner, Melburnian, or Singaporean, for Netlify Staff, Pilots, and (more generally) users of the platform.

This is what I have come up with so far:

Netlifian (Net•li•fi•an)

  1. To use Netlify
    person1: What are you doing?
    person2: I’m Netlifian!
    person1: You’re what!?
    person2: Netlifian. I’m deploying a site on Netlify!
    person1: Oh.

Netlifian (Net•lif•ian) (plural Netlifians)

  1. A Netlify staff member
    e.g. I’m a Netlifian.
  2. A Netlify Pilot (forum user)
  3. (generally) A Netlify user (someone who deploys a site using the platform.)


  1. Of, from, or relating to Netlify

Not sure about the Adjective, though Melburnian and Singaporean are both adjectives, so it fits perhaps.

Interested to hear thoughts from others.

I tested by searching Google for the term Netlifian, and it suggested I search for Netlify. Hmm…:thinking:

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With your search and browser history, that’s hardly a surprise @coelmay :sweat_smile:

I did it in a private window, in a browser I don’t use for Netlify-related things @tomrutgers to eliminate any possible skewing of results :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I love this so much, @coelmay! Internally we throw around the terms Netlifier and Netlifolks (we have this Netlifolks section of our blog!) To your observation though, I don’t think that is explicitly stated anywhere else :thinking:

I have shared this thread so we can add Netlifian to the mix! I love it! :rocket:


Ah yes, I have indeed seen Netlifolk.

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