Netifly not reading all my files. Images & CSS not being read


As you can see, there is not image in the background on the hero section.

The form has no style, and requires an image.

Please help -

@Danfraga33 Can’t see anything there, the entire site shows a 404.

Have you renamed/removed it, or do you not have an index.html file deployed?

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Sorry, I did remove it

Ive edited the post,

here is the link:

@Danfraga33 Some of your site assets are returning as 404's because they aren’t where you’ve referenced them.


For example the css file that you’ve got linked as /Freelance/Portfolio/Spectral/assets/css/form.css


Is actually here:

Likewise the background image you have linked as /Freelance/Portfolio/Spectral/images/BG.jpg

Is here:

Your form.js I can’t advise on, but it’s probably a similar issue, just check your references and perform you build locally and check what is in your Publish directory to make sure everything is where it should be.

Be careful with case sensitivity too, which I only say because I can see you using intermittent uppercase characters, and those may trip you up too. The easiest way to do it is stick to lowercase if you can.