Need instructions for headless CMS

This is what I need. I have a test application that I have created and it is running on my local machine. It exists in Github. I want a headless CMS that I can use to modify the Github repo which will then modify my application. I thought that was how Netlify worked. I went through this tutorial (NextJS | Netlify CMS | Open-Source Content Management System) and the goal there was to build my application on the Netlify server but I do not want that. My application is huge and it will be hosted on AWS. How do I use Netlify as a headless CMS to simply modify my Github repo? That is all that I need. Eventually I need to get this working with Bitbucket but I thought I would take this one step at a time.

Hey @pbpersson

Netlify is a platform, use for building a publish websites, SPAs, Do not confuse this with Netlify CMS which a content management system that saves content (usually as markdown) to a git repository. If this repository is linked to Netlify, changes to content are detected and a new build is triggered. (See here for a more detailed rundown on Netlify vs Netlify CMS.)

If you are hosting your application on AWS, I’m not sure how Netlify comes into play as Netlify won’t build your application and deploy it to AWS.

If you wish to use Netlify CMS with AWS, this is potentially possible. Check out Deploying Netlify CMS on AWS with Pulumi | Pulumi Blog and examples/aws-ts-netlify-cms-and-oauth at master · pulumi/examples · GitHub for more on this.

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