Netlify CMS pointing to old github repository

Hello, I recently did a redesign and changed my stack from Jekyll to Nextjs for one of my sites. I built the new site in a different repository and changed the build repo link under “Build Settings”. The site was successfully deployed using the new repository. However, when I go to the Netlify CMS in production, my data isnt being loaded. The Netlify CMS works fine in local development using the netlify-cms-proxy-server. I also had a previous deployment that used the new repo which worked fine (I have now deleted it). I am stuck and don’t really know what to do to solve this issue. Any help would be appreciated.

Just some more information about my site:
It is deployed using next build && next export. The publish directory is out. All of my content is stored in a /content directory using yaml frontmatter leveraging the frontmatter-markdown-loader.

I think I might have found what the issue is. I add some of my data using the Netlify CMS in production and the changes were pushed to the old repository. I have already changed the repo under the Countinous deployment > Build Settings settings. Do I have to change the repo somewhere else?

It looks like the Netlfy CMS is still pointing to the old repository.

I figured it out. I had to remove my old git-gateway API access token and regenerate one for the new repository. You do this under Settings > Identity > Services > Git Gateway.

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Thanks so much for coming back and sharing your solution! This will definitely be beneficial for future Forums members who encounter something similar. :netliconfetti: