Need help with SSL for subdomains

Hey, I’m trying to get SSL and https to work on my subdomains for
The DNS is managed by Netlify and not a third-party.

The subdomain I want https on is - could you please extend the SSL to that as well? Is it possible to extend https automatically to any subdomain I create in the future?

Also a couple of related issues:

  • I tried adding SSL to and I added it as an alias by mistake thinking it would add SSL but it didn’t work. Now it’s stuck as a NETLIFY system record in the DNS and I can’t remove it even though I have removed it as an alias. Can I please remove that?
  • Can this process be self-serve and manageable in the dashboard instead of having to create a public support ticket like this? :sweat_smile:

Thank you!

Hi @kennouth! Welcome to netlify community.

First, I have made your DNS records deletable for you.

Second, I don’t see that you have deployed the ideas branch to Netlify. We can only extend SSL certificates to branches deployed on netlify. Apologies if you have deployed it and I missed it. If that’s the case can you link me to the deploy?