Request to extend SSL to new sub-domain

I’m looking to utilize branch deploys on my site while remaining with Google DNS.

I’ve finished the steps listed in [Support Guide] How to use Netlify’s branch deploy feature without Netlify DNS and have set up my DNS records, and verified with nslookup, so I believe I am ready to have my SSL certificate extended to cover the new sub-domain

Site Name: studiokeywi
New Subdomain: preview.www

Sure thing, just got that added for you.

Thanks, everything looks good!

And quick question, if you can help: I chose the subdomain based on the community post, but I would prefer to just use preview rather than preview.www if possible.

Can I adjust my record to preview and request the update to my SSL cert again, or is the branchname.www naming convention required, meaning I would need to create a new record for preview?

We should be able to serve as plain preview.yourdomain if you create the DNS record and let me know so I can extend the certificate. That’s only possible for www vs bare domain though - fortunately that is your use case :slight_smile:

Excellent! I’ve got my record for preview setup now and verified with nslookup, am ready to have the SSL cert changed again (and we can remove the SSL entry for preview.www if needed as I do not plan to use that again)

OK, got that re-updated.