Adding new custom branch domain to SSL Certificate

I’m following the instructions listed here [Common Issue] How to use Netlify’s branch deploy feature without Netlify DNS and everything’s looking good. I’m at the last step which is “Please contact our Technical Support team asking for the the SSL certificate to include the new branch sub-domain.”

However, I can’t contact support because I’m on a free plan. I get the “It looks like the email you provided is on a team with a free Netlify Plan. Users on our free plan receive support in the Netlify Community where you’ll find answers from our Netlify Support engineers and the wider community.”

Does this mean this feature is only available to paid accounts? If not, how can I get the sub domain added?

Hi @slynch! Welcome to netlify community.

This feature is available to everyone! We (Support) will just help you here instead via email.

What is your site name and what is the subdomain you are adding?

Hey Laura! Thanks for the response! Can I send that to you via a private channel of some sort?

No problem! I will email you, and we can handle it that way.

Hey @laura I’m following the same instructions, my netlify branch builds and my CNAME is pointing to my branch, the nslookup shows the info and all is ok, but when I try to enter via my custom domain I obtain an error “Not Found”


Hi @Rembrandtsx! Welcome to netlify community.

In your case, for a branch subdomain to work you would need to name it

Can you give that a try?

Yeahhh!!, it works!! THAANKS!, now how can I contact support for the SSL certificate

You just did! :wink: That’s me! I just got the SSL cert so you should be all set now.