Need help increasing the timeout limit on my site

Site Name: statuesque-mermaid-038aaa

Build Settings: NextJs, React

Issue Summary: I am experiencing issues related to the timeout limit on my site. When certain processes take longer to complete, the request times out, causing disruptions in functionality. I would like to increase the timeout limit to ensure smoother performance or get help to resolve my issue.
Is when i click an user profile in my [id].js file.

Debugging Steps Taken:

  1. I have reviewed the documentation and searched for solutions online, but haven’t found a clear answer specific to my setup.
  2. I have checked my code to ensure there are no obvious bottlenecks causing the delays.
  3. I have reviewed my server logs to gather additional information about the timeout errors.

Additional Context: The timeout limit is currently set to 10.03. I would appreciate guidance on how to adjust this limit to a higher value that suits the needs of my site.

Any assistance or insights regarding increasing the timeout limit would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi there! we can definitely bump you up to 26 seconds, but you’ll need to be on the Pro tier for us to make that change - that’s a requirement that applies to everyone who wants a bigger timeout. You can upgrade to Pro easily through the Netlify UI dashboard.

If you let us know when you have upgraded, we can change the settings for you!