Need domain verified and unliked from old account

My team got deleted and the domain was stuck linked in DNS and i need this unlinked so i can use on my new team and site.

also have ticket: 87469

Looks like i was querying the TXT record incorrectly, it is already there if somebody can check and unlink DNS for please.

dig -t txt +short

where 87469 is this ticket ID.

Hey there, @ethllamasnft :wave:

We have freed up this domain for you. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Additionally, while we’re talking, I wanted to let you know that we ask all businesses in the NFT/Crypto space to speak with our sales and solutions team to purchase a contract to ensure that your site is on an appropriate account level for your usage.

You can reach them here:

Our High Performance Edge product is usually a necessity to be able to handle and administer successful launches.

We have seen many customers who have sites like these get attacked, and on our lower plans, such as Starter and Pro, these attacks tend to harm our main network. If that happens, we may not be able to keep your site online. Should an attack on your site harm our network or jeopardize the uptime of other customers, we will opt to take down your site. Further, many NFT/Crypto sites have generated bills for thousands of dollars worth of bandwidth used during launch, and we do take steps to ensure we are compensated for that use should that happen here too. Please make sure you are prepared to pay for eventual bandwidth charges which have been several thousands of dollars in the past.

If the above info changes whether or not you would like to proceed with hosting on Netlify, we encourage you to make the decision that is best for you, which might mean moving to a different provider, if the above seems unreasonable to you.

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Do any old DNS records need to be purged on your side as a result of this also? I’m seeing the site now work intermittently.

Hey @ethllamasnft,

I’m not sure what you mean. Could you elaborate on your issue?